USSSA Sanction Help

How to Sanction your Team with USSSA Basketball

The USSSA Basketball season runs concurrent with the School year.  It begins on August 1st and runs through July 31st of the following season.

You will need to renew your sanction for each team ONE time a season.  Once this is done, your team will be in the system and will be able to input and track results and scores for you throughout the season and ACROSS the country in USSSA events.  This one-time fee is $25 per team per season.

Sanction Help

Step 1
Go to USSSA web site (click here)

Step 2
Create your USSSA Login ID – 
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You will receive an email with a password.

Step 3
Click to Login for the first time – 
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Step 4
Enter User ID and Password – 
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Step 5
Create TeamClick “Register / Create Fast Pitch Team” – 
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Step 6
Enter Team Name, City, State and Class and click Submit

NOTE: State Director has the right to change the class you select
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Step 7
Register your team online by credit card ($25)
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Step 8
Pay by credit card by entering the required information.
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Step 9
Your team registration will be approved after payment is received