USSSA Basketball

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is a national organization with a purpose to organize and promote youth and adult basketball to perpetuate the interest and love of the game. USSSA provides an opportunity for teams to compete in tournament competition that leads to area, state and national championships in their respective competitive classes in all grade/age groups.

All Agape Hoops tournaments/leagues are USSSA Sanctioned events.  The USSSA basketball program is a program that is a grade based program (that have age based limitations) that focuses on determining and offering competition at multiple levels of play to promote the best competitive balance.

Benefits of Playing USSSA

The key benefits to participate in the USSSA program are as follows:

  1. United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is the largest multi-sport association in the nation with over 3.8 million participants and the fastest growing youth basketball association in the country.
  2. The youth basketball program is a grade based program with age limitations.
  3. The program is the first to offer separate classes within each age group; Division I which are Elite Teams; Division II, which are competitive teams and Division III which are recreational or developmental teams.
  4. Area, State and National tournaments are held for multiple levels of play.
  5. Season Long Qualifying – Any USSSA sanctioned tournament can qualify teams for state and national tournament play no matter what time of the year it is held. In certain events teams will qualify directly for national play. This makes it very hard for any team to be left out because of a bad weekend or a difficult schedule.
  6. The USSSA Team Ranking System has become the goal of thousands of players, coaches, and parents. It provides ranking on a state and national basis and is based entirely on the participation supported by documentation in USSSA sanctioned events. This ranking system is web based and is open to all registered USSSA teams. Each team can develop its own website with the USSSA national website. A power point tutorial is available.
  7. Fees to participate are minimal. Team registration is $25. There is no requirement to purchase team insurance to participate in a USSSA sanctioned event. If you chose to purchase team insurance (secondary medical) it is $89 annually for the entire team. Coverage is from August 1st through July 31st.
  8. The USSSA National Committee is comprised of basketball purists, not bureaucrats, who have developed a nationwide network of event operators with similar goals and objectives.

The tournament operators of Agape Hoops have come together to provide the teams participating in USSSA Basketball with a multitude of opportunities to get competition and quality events at an affordable price. Teams will be provided with many advantages by participating in Coalition Events:

  • Multiple Formats – Based on Event type to offer your team options each weekend.
    • Classic – Stop clock tournament; traditionally more bracket games possible:
    • Shootout – Running clock tournament
    • Jamboree – One Day Events
  • Multiple Locations – Events based on various parts of the city
  • Multiple Levels of Play
    • Division I (formerly Gold) = Upper Level Competitive Teams/Travel Teams
    • Division II (formerly Silver) = Lower Level Competitive Teams
    • Division III (formerly Bronze) = Upper Level Recreational Teams; School Based teams
  • Tournament Director Communication – We will work to find your teams the best matchups and balanced competition
    • Consistent Deadlines
    • Less “Team Shopping” due to more tournament director communication and cooperation
  • USSSA Points and Rankings
    • Rankings used for Events, State, and National Tournaments
  • Online Team Management
    • Result tracking for teams that play in any coalition event
    • Online Roster Management for each team