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    2015 Spring/Summer Season

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    Instructional Basketball for Children Ages 3 to 8

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  • Welcome to Agape Hoops, your home for basketball in the Kansas City Metro Area and beyond!
    Welcome to Agape Hoops

    Welcome to Agape Hoops, your home for basketball in the Kansas City Metro Area and beyond!

Welcome to Agape Hoops

Quote of the Week

“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.”

About Agape Hoops

Welcome to the home of Agape Hoops.

Agape Hoops is a full basketball production company. We specialize in creating and managing USSSA sanctioned youth basketball tournaments, youth club teams, basketball leagues, and coordinating camps and clinics. Agape Hoops has year round basketball events and programs providing opportunities for student athletes as young as three all the way through High School.

Click Here for more info on USSSA Basketball and to check the USSSA National Points Race Rankings.

We will also continue with programs that focus on Character Development and will allow our coaches to use this game as a tool to teach the important lessons that will translate to success off of the court in every day life.

Agape Hoops Tournaments This Week


3/27-3/29 | March Winter Championship Finals | William Jewell / UMKC

$185 | Boys & Girls | 2nd – HS | Div I/II/III | 3GG Shootout

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Agape Hoops Tournaments Next Week


4/10-4/12 | Hoopfest | KC Sports Lodge / Blue Springs Schools

$185 | Boys & Girls | 2nd – HS | Div I/II/III | 3GG Shootout

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4/10-4/12 | April Showers Shootout | Robinson Center – KU Campus

$200 | Boys & Girls | 2nd – HS | Div I/II/III | 4GG Shootout

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Agape Hoops Tournaments Last Week


3/20-3/22 | March Mania Crossover Classic | KC Sports Lodge / Blue Springs Schools

$185 | Boys & Girls | 2nd – HS | Div I/II/III | 3GG Shootout

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3/21 | March Mania Jamboree | 68′s Inside Sports

$125 | Boys & Girls | 2nd – HS | Div I/II/III | 2GG Jamboree

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Quick Updates for Agape Hoops Leagues

Today’s League Schedules

Agape Hoops League Schedules

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A Message From MoKan Referee

As the transition of basketball officiating continues, we will see more and more confusion before it gets completely consistent. The collegiate level is still working for certain level of consistency. And as we should all be aware, the high school level is where it is received lastly followed by the recreation level officials where parents are coaches and officials are doing their best.

We must remember that during the basketball season itself, the overall quality of officiating in youth tournaments suffers because your better officials are usually working at least the high school level. The philosophies utilized by FIBA are very different so I think it would be very tough to ask your recreation official to implement these type philosophies into their games especially the cylinder philosophy.

As MoKanRef has worked consistently to train and develop officials, we are victims of our own success. We continue to recruit with the growth of tournaments and would welcome the coaches that are interested in stepping across the lines. We have some that have already made that step and have mentioned that it definitely helps when they are coaching. We have a large number of our officials that now are able to work at the high school level in both Kansas and Missouri as well collegiately. These officials do not have the availability that they used to have during the regular season.

With this being said of, I agree that a short captains meeting may benefit the communication within the games and it’s something we can easily transition into as well as reinforcement on Rhythm Speed Balance Quickness (RSBQ) and its affect on the players. Our number one goal should continue to be player safety.

I think it would benefit all, if the coaches were given an opportunity to have a meeting with the assignors to discuss concerns and at that point be allowed to be engaged in some teaching points so that they have a better understanding of the rules themselves. We will definitely be sending some information out to our officials and continue to “round” to make sure we protect our players and this game we love.

Once we have established our spring clinic dates, we would encourage all coaches and parents to come out and take the challenge of officiating with some of our veteran officials. In additional, we will be having a Q & A session for anyone that might have question regarding why we do or do not make certain calls and how officials manage games. As officials, this would also provide us with more insight into the minds of coaches.

This session would be priceless!

Mo Kan Ref Administration

Competition with Civilty

Competition with Civility



Introducing our Competition with Civility program to help highlight the attributes and traits that demonstrate the truest values of sportsmanship and civil competition.

Click on the image above to be directed to the Lil Hoopers info page.

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