David Nurse Shooting Camp - Independence, MO

This is a camp that guarantees players will learn the correct way to shoot the basketball at game speed every single time.  Through a progression format of drills from the highest levels (NBA D-League, EuroLeague, and NCAA Division 1) catered to the talent level of the players and program, each player will have the knowledge and ability to shoot with the correct form in all game-speed situations. We also leave the players and the coaches equipped with everything they need to continue working to become a great shooter and a great teacher of the perfect shot.  This includes high level shooting workouts, NBA D-League practice plans, and individual sample workouts from some of the best shooters in the  game.

At the Perfect Shots Shooting Camp we use a ball that is specifically geared towards teaching players the correct way to shoot the basketball every time at game speed with the perfect form.   The Perfect Shots Shooting Camps have been very successful and extremely beneficial for the kids and schools that we work with.  The primary focus of the camps is to teach the kids what it takes to become a great shooter and how they will become a great shooter.  We break down every aspect and step of shooting in a unique way using a system that ensures that every shot the player shoots will be straight, with perfect form, and perfect backspin.

The shooting specific basketball plus the high level drills and elite coaching ensure every kid learns the correct form and is able to use it in a game.  We also strongly encourage the middle school/freshmen/jv coaches or any other basketball coaches in the school system to attend and be a part of the coaching as well so they too can also learn first-hand how to teach the kids in their program the ultimately perfect way to shoot the basketball.